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Terra Chez: Need Rest?

Need Rest?

“The HUSH swept over me like a blanket of rest.” Terra Chez

Well done!
You’ve taken the first step in investing in YOU.

We spend so much money on serums, lotions, clothes, hair products, and gym memberships, but we never take the time to invest in our minds, our souls, our inner selves.

Yet,… when we do, this is where we see the most transformation.

Everything else falls into place when we are operating from a place of clarity and rest, doesn’t it?

Life can get crazy busy, can’t it?

• Our calendars
• Our (unending) To-Do lists
• Our families.
• Our goals.
• It can get overwhelming. For sure.



SO curious, Where do you most feel the strain?

• In your racing thoughts?
• In your broken heart?
• Is the stress starting to cause you physical pain?
• We get it.


The HUSH is designed to bring you into stillness, 
To give you:

• Clarity. 
• Vision.
• Boldness. 


To launch you Into your God-given birthright of FREEDOM from

• 3 weeks of quieting the noise of life, so you can hear the call of your Father.
• 3 weeks of blanketing you in rest, vision and simplicity.
We’ve got you covered!


Registration link :


Dr. C.C. Evans Puglise and Rebecca Holz

P.S. You belong here!

Ever felt like a human roller coaster?

“I used to let my husband define me and I was on a constant emotional rollercoaster. Always looking to him to tell me who I was. now I am firmly planted on who God says I am. I am FREE!” Leah Tepstra

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